What If... There Was Something You Could Do To Positively Change Our Global Crisis?

We've reached a new era of human possibility...

Individual as well as collective leadership is critical as we navigate our way through old and outdated paradigms that no longer serve us in moving towards an expanded life, and a freer future.  Humanity itself is teetering on the precipice between destruction and devolution and a new era of peace, sustainability, health and prosperity.

If crisis truly is an evolutionary driver, then Evolution Itself, is calling you and me - US - to participate in creating a world equal to our potential.  When you recognize this fundamental truth, you also get that you're being personally implicated in the task.

Studies show that adults across the globe care about positive social change and believe that their actions can make a difference.   We

The question is, will we– as a collective– choose to commit ourselves to peace and declare an end to disharmony? Will we — as a collective — turn the potential for possibility into probability? And if so, how do we do this?


Of adults, on average, say that it is very important for them to be personally involved in positive social change.  

What type of social change agent are you? Take the quiz to find out!

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Are You A Social Evolutionary? Find Out In Less Than 2 min. 

Barbara Marx Hubbard Visionary, Futurist, Social Innovator

Lisa is a genius in the work she does in the world. She is playing a vital role in the evolution of public culture and I feel so fortunate to be working with her. 

Marc Gafni

Lisa has a razor sharp intellect, a beautiful transmission and a great presence. She's an emerging leader in the realm of evolutionary spirituality.

I'm Lisa Engles... social evolutionary, author, mother and advocate for the evolution of public culture through outrageous love.

And I'm passionate about creating a viable and sustainable solution for a radically new way of living where we are all agents of personal and social change!

This is where YOU and I can connect and begin to participate in activating the new potentials within humanity needed to cross the evolutionary threshold in order to overcome the existential crisis we currently face.  Are you ready?!