Truth, Integrity and Love: The core values that guide my daily actions and interactions  

Throughout the ages poets, prophets, priests and philosophers have written extensively about love, truth and integrity as moral foundations for living.  I humbly offer my own reflections here...

I believe in the radical power of Love, not just as an emotion, but as the Evolutionary Impulse that animates all that is. 

I believe that Truth is a vital cornerstone for rebuilding social structures that are collapsing in this post-truth world.  We are desperately in need of a “Truth comeback” and I’m choosing to participate in that comeback.

I believe that living a life of Integrity takes courage and discipline.  Integrity amplifies love, especially when it's serves truth.

Love, truth and integrity mean even more to me as a mother of a teenage girl. Often, I think about what it was like for me when I was Lainey's age-- the social awkwardness, the angst of first-love, the pressures of getting good grades and pushing my body to it’s limits as a competitive athlete. Things have changed since then and she let’s me know it… all the time. In many ways my daughter is light-years more mature and intelligent than I was at her age. Even so, that doesn’t negate the importance of how love, truth and integrity remain the guide posts of our relationship-- perhaps it’s even why she is such an emotionally and socially intelligent human being 🙂

My beautiful family: Tim, my husband , Lainey my daughter and Chris my mom.

Running is my spiritual cardio-therapy.

There’s something to be said for finding that one thing in your daily life that brings you "home". For me it’s running. Yes I pray, I meditate, I do yoga, I chant and journal… but running is the practice that transports me to God.

I love trail running amongst the redwoods in the coastal mountains of the SF Bay Area.  I've been the head running coach for the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club for 9 years... here are just a few of the wonderful people I coach every Tuesday night.

When I run, I make direct contact with the Infinite Love-Intelligence. My mind and my heart open to truth unseen. Running is a practice, not a workout for me.  I'm so passionate about approaching running (or any workout) as a spiritual practice that I wrote a book about it called Breathe Run Breathe. It's not on my resume, but I’ve been the head running coach for the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club for almost a decade.  While coaching triathletes and runners is part of my 'past life', my weekly workouts with the athletes of SVTC keep me connected to the simple pleasure of helping others achieve their training and racing goals. 

My Work As A Social Evolutionary

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