Lisa Engles

Social Evolutionary​

Lisa Engles is a social evolutionary committed to serving the emergence of a new humanity in which each of us lives an expanded life and a freer future.  She is the Marketing Director for the Center for Integral Wisdom and the Executive Producer and host of Evolutionary Church, a weekly global broadcast attended by hundreds of evolutionary pioneers.  

Lisa  has mastered the art of creating deep and authentic connections with her online audiences and has been called a pioneer and innovator in harnessing digital potential in service of human and social potential.  She has partnered with renowned evolutionary leaders, Marc Gafni and Barbara Marx Hubbard to launch the Planetary Awakening Accelerator, a social initiative that addresses our existential crisis through the activation of the evolutionary purpose, passion and power of humanity.

Lisa is  is committed to her role as a social change agent and is currently working in collaboration with Clint Fuhs and Marc Gafni of the Center for Integral Wisdom think tank on a writing project that's focused on evolving public culture. 

Evolutionary Entrepreneur​

​Lisa believes that the vehicle of entrepreneurship is the best way to serve humanity with our gifts.  Since 2010 she has been offering her programs and services to a global community.  Including:

  • The Planetary Awakening Accelerator
  • The Evolutionary Business Accelerator
  • Hangout Strategies for Visionary Leaders
  • Breathe Run Breathe

Mentor & Coach

With over 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience, Lisa has developed a highly intuitive, creative and compassionate approach to working with her private clients. Her practice is influenced by her extensive studies in expressive arts therapy, somatics, emotional freedom technique, integral theory, evolutionary theory and the mystical teachings on love and Unique Self taught by Marc Gafni.  

Her clients include women (and men) who are waking up and yearning to give their unique gifts to something bigger but...

  • Don't know how or where to direct that yearning  so they find themselves stuck
  • Get distracted by the complexities of day to day life and end up abandoning the excitement and desire that was bubbling up inside 
  • Feel a sense of urgency (and even anxiety) to express their creative gifts but continue to procrastinate or do nothing 
  • Find themselves aimlessly searching for the 'right path' but continue to feel disconnected from their deeper purpose

On The Personal Side...

Visit the About page HERE to get a glimpse into Lisa's personal life.